Hatfields & McCoys


Greg has won the role of Good 'Lias Hatfield in the major new mini-series Hatfields & McCoys the filming of which will wrap in Romania this month (December 2011). Playing alongside Kevin Costner (Devil Anse Hatfileld) and Bill Paxton (Randall McCoy) its a true story about a long-standing blood feud between the two clans on the West Virginia and Kentucky border just after the American Civil War. It is directed by Kevin Reynolds and produced by Thinkfactory Media and also stars Tom Berringer, Powers Booth, Sarah Parish, Lindsay Pulsipher and Jena Malone. It's Greg's first major screen role after playing small parts in David Morrissey's 'Don't Worry About Me' and Neil Fitzmaurice's 'Charlie Noades RIP'. It is anticipated to preview in the US in May 2012.



Greg has just completed filming (Sept 2011) 'East', a 90 minute feature film made by Kupester Pictures/Dogsdinner Productions playing alongside Leonora Moore (Taiwan Oyster) and child star Nancy-Boo Evans in a beautiful story about two runaways who are taken under the wing of wandering frenchman Tristant, played by Greg.

In February 2011 Greg was seen on stage in Brecht's 'Caucasian Chalk Circle' which went on UK tour for three months. The Caucasian Chalk Circle is a Blackeyed Theatre production directed by Tom Neill and produced by Adrian McDougall.  It is play within a play and demonstrates the idea that things should be given to those who take care of them.  Greg was cast as 'Georgi Abashvili', 'Fat Prince' and 'Lavrenti' and also performed on guitar and euphonium.  Having opened at the Wilde Theatre, Bracknell the tour included Greenwich Theatre and Buxton Opera House - and was a production not be missed.  

2010 was a busy year! Greg played roles in several short films and in two feature films, 'Olivia's Army' where he plays the gangster Reggie Burrows, and 'The Trailer' where he plays Pinkie the camp scottish pub landlord. In July he appeared as Ricky the biker in Coronation Street on ITV. Other roles this year include Leonato in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing at the Trentham Amphitheatre and several roles in the critically acclaimed 'Crying in the Chapel' at the Contact Theatre in Manchester. He is soon appearing at The Curve in Leicester in the musical 'Dolly' and then as Captain Hook in a new adaptation of Peter Pan at the Octagon Theatre, Yeovil.

Greg completed a short tour in October 2009 of the Comedy "Chain Reaction" where he played a leading role, December '09 saw Greg playing the Demon King in the Panto 'Mother Goose' presented by The James Brandon Company in association with The Academy Theatre in Barnsley.

In Summer '09 Greg was on a national tour playing Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet as well as the title role in a new historic fantasy play 'Merlin the Magician' with the Chapterhouse Theatre Company.

2009 saw Greg play main roles in 3 short films; 'Olivia' (RTS Award for best short fiction 2009) in which he plays a depressed single parent failing to come to terms with either the loss of his wife or the needs of his daughter, 'Five Steps' in which he plays Karl Evans, businessman and some say gangster, and 'Happy Birthday' in which he plays Gary, big fish in a small pub who gets his brother in law in trouble by drawing him into a shady deal too many...